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Workshops and Master Classes are offered on a regular basis. Join our newsletter to hear about our latest offerings. If you are interested in a workshop and it is not currently scheduled, we would be pleased to talk with you. Call 860.644.4455 to register or to learn more.

Get Your Move On Challenge
Join PEEPs In Motion (that's Personal Euphoria and Evolution Pilates united) for our first 30-Day Movement Challenge. Throughout the month of January, we will guide you on a movement journey. Together, we’ll explore different types of movement and challenge you to think about how your body moves differently. We’ll be your partner, motivating you to stay on track, learn new moves, and execute them even better. At the end of the program, you’ll have tips to continue on your own, and those 20-minute videos will be yours to play with forever. You'll experience 30-days of Mindful Movement that will last a lifetime. 
This challenge is ideal for New Year goal setting. It’s great for people returning to exercise and people who want to start an exercise program for the first time. If you’re a regular participant in one of our classes it will help hone your skills and give you some programming for cold days at home.

What you'll get with the challenge:

  • Eight 20-minute workouts on Pilates, strength, stretch, and fascia (say what?!)
  • Daily move of the day
  • Daily email to remind you to move
  • Movement calendar
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Challenge guide with exploratory questions to get you thinking about movement differently
  • Private Facebook group for camaraderie, feedback and advice

Purchase now and receive all of this for just $35!

Evolution Pilates Workshops

Benefits of our Workshops
  • Functional strengthening for improving everyday activities
  • Help improve balance and agility
  • Ease stress in the body and help realign physical and emotional imbalances
  • Separately address specific areas of the body that could be causing other issues and offer a series of mindful exercises for healing
  • Physical re-education for athletes so that they can begin to find functional alignment, release dysfunctional patterns, discover better articulation of the joints, and encourage stability and strength
  • Walk better, sleep better, breathe better, sit better, balance better, relax better ... live better!