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Create a New Relationship With Your Body
The Pilates-based method of conditioning is different than other forms of exercise, with an increased emphasis on breathing AND body awareness. To establish a strong foundation, we recommend you begin with individual training sessions. One of our qualified instructors will evaluate your needs through postural analysis and muscle testing, introduce principles of movement and stability which are the heart of the method, and teach beginning exercises in a private environment.  

Individual sessions will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the system, and provides an opportunity for the trainer to personalize your routine, creating modifications that keep the exercise safe and challenging. After completing the introductory lessons, you can continue with one-on-one training or find great success in a group setting.

All classes are available to join with instructor approval after completing introductory private lessons with an instructor. If you are a current Pilates client, and are joining us from another studio, please call to speak to an instructor about the most appropriate class for your experience level.

Individual Sessions [55 minutes]...South Windsor/Hartford
Working individually with a trainer is the quickest way to reach your health and fitness goals.  In private lessons, clients have access to all of the Pilates apparatus, and their instructor can create a routine, tailored to your needs. Lessons are 55 minutes, and can be scheduled around your availability. Half hour and 1 1/2 hour sessions are also available.

Semi Private Sessions [55 minutes]... South Windsor
Semi-private lessons are a more economical way to train, while still receiving plenty of personal attention. Working out with a friend (or two!) is a great way to bond and motivate each other while working towards your fitness goals. Couples and families looking to spend more quality time together may also enjoy semi-private lessons. Duet (2 clients, 1 trainer) and Trio (3 clients, 1 trainer) may be scheduled by calling 860.644.4455. 

Group Reformer [50 minutes]... South Windsor
Class consists of a mat-based warm-up and a fitness workout on the reformer to provide a balanced, full-body workout. Class size is limited to 6 to ensure safety on the equipment. Reformer classes are geared towards fitness rather than rehabilitation. If you are returning from injury, we request that you schedule individual training sessions to meet your specific needs. 

Group Mat [50 minutes]...South Windsor
Build a strong foundation in Pilates, enhance your knowledge and expand your repertoire. Keep track of how far you’ve come by increasing your challenge. Core training class will increase your muscular endurance, flexibility, and energy level, while reducing pain and stiffness in muscles. If you have a history of back pain, please speak with an instructor about individual training to prepare you for group classes.

Group Chair [50 minutes]...South Windsor
Put a new spin on your Pilates knowledge with the stability chair workout. The chair can be the most challenging piece of equipment to master because it provides a much smaller base of support while working out. Our intermediate classes are great for building functional core strength, athletic conditioning, and improving balance and coordination. Appropriate for clients with previous experience on the reformer. Instructor approval required before joining.

Flow: Improve your body awareness, posture, breathing, muscular strength and endurance with our flow class. Following a more traditional model of pilates, this class emphasizes fewer repetitions of exercises with more focus on precision in movement. By flowing from one exercise to the next, we will provide a balanced workout, emphasizing strengthening the core, hips, shoulders, and back. Modifications will be provided to accommodate different postural issues.

Power: Our more athletic-inspired class is a fusion of traditional Pilates exercises, mixed with exercises inspired by functional fitness, sports conditioning, yoga, and other core modalities. Exercises are performed at a slightly faster pace and with more repetitions than a traditional Pilates class. Workouts will also emphasize plyometrics, coordination, and balance to help enhance your sports-specific skills. Modifications will be provided for restricted muscles and postural conditions. Class is appropriate for healthy, fit individuals.