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The South Windsor studio has relocated just around the corner to 293 Oakland Road. All classes and lessons will be held at the new location as of Monday, September 30th. We look forward to exploring our new space with you. Directions To 293 Oakland Road

Pilates is for Every Body!
Pilates is a system of rehabilitation and exercise that focuses on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips, and shoulder girdle. Regular Pilates practice will help develop long, lean, functionally strong muscles, without bulk. You will feel energized, toned and focused.

Pilates can be adapted to suit anyone's age, abilities and expectations. Pilates will enhance your current fitness routine and is suitable for the beginning exerciser, active adult, pre and post natal moms, as well as the seasoned athlete.

Total Barre™: No Tutus Required!

Total Barre is an invigorating workout at the ballet barre that combines elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional strength training, choreographed to music. Using small equipment like balls, bands, and light handweights, Total Barre workouts lift, tone, and sculpt muscles as well as define and strengthen your core. Classes promise a unique and engaging way to get in shape and have fun. It is a full body workout that is safe, intense, and progressive!

FUNctional Fitness
Our unique personal training programs focus on functional fitness, emphasizing total body strength, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. Our multi-level system is designed for any participant, from the first-time exerciser to high-level athletes. Enhance your performance by improving precision, control, strength, power, and agility. Jumpstart your metabolism, optimize your athletic performance, and train smarter with our combination of control and power movements that transform regular workouts into high intensity, results-driven training. Our system will help retrain unbalanced muscles, improve movement patterning, and build strength from within.

We offer mat and reformer classes, private and semi-private lessons and specialized classes and workshops. Classes are small in size to provide individual attention. The studios are open Monday - Saturday, with scheduled day and evening sessions. Our Hartford studio is appropriate for individual and semi private lessons which can be scheduled by calling 860.328.5912. We request that you register for a class to guarantee your space.

Evolution Pilates instructors are trained through STOTT PILATES® , the certification with the highest industry standards. Training includes 200 hours in the classroom and 200 hands-on hours on the mat and apparatus.

Our course work has focused on rehabilitative exercises for many chronic and acute injuries, as well as safe and resourceful ways to adapt training for special needs. Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds with experience in sports, fitness, dance, nutrition, and breath work. Each brings a unique perspective on the Pilates Method to their sessions.

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