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Instructor Certification

Evolution Pilates is happy to be the home of C2 Pilates, the only STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center in Connecticut, offering training in STOTT PILATES, Total Barre®, and ZEN*GA™.

Many people realize the potential of Pilates during their classes or training and this coupled with the global interest and acknowledgement of its holistic benefits, lead many to decide to train as a Pilates Instructor.

If you’re a fitness coach, personal trainer or dance fitness teacher, a STOTT PILATES certification is a valuable extra skill to offer your students. We also welcome healthcare professionals to learn how to integrate modified STOTT PILATES exercises into rehabilitation practices.

We offer workshops for aspiring Pilates Instructors and yoga, dance and fitness professionals who want to deepen their own workouts. Our STOTT PILATES Instructor training is rigorous, challenging and motivating and our goal is to create successful, confident and professional Pilates Instructors.

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